A school nurse is available to the children when accidents occur or when they become ill during the day.  

Please notify the school of any medical problems that your child may have. If your child has sustained a severe injury or suspected contagious disease (has a fever, vomiting/diarrhea), the child should remain at home for a reasonable amount of time to promote healing and public health. 

Parents are encouraged to make doctor and dental appointments outside of the school day.

Head lice policy:  Cape Girardeau Public Schools has a "nit free" policy.  Students infested with nit, eggs or lice must be excluded from school until completely eliminated.

Immunizations:  Health and immunization records are required for all enrolling students in the  Cape Schools.  Parents should bring the original immunization record for copying. The state Health Department requires the following immunizations: 1.) MMR; two doses after the first birthday  2.) DPT;  minimum of three doses, last dose on or after the fourth birthday.  3.) Hepatitis B;  three doses.  Religious and medical exemptions are permitted with proper documentation.

Medications:  Medications may not be given without written consent and instruction from the parent or legal guardian.  All medications must be in the original containers, registered, stored and dispensed in the office.

Screening:  Vision screenings are given by the school nurse annually for students in grades K, 1, and 3, for newly enrolled and referred students.  Scoliosis screening period is for grades 4.



The Health Services Department Provides


 First Aid

 Health Maintenance

 Medication Administration

 Prescribed Nursing Treatments

 Health Screenings



When To Keep Your Child At Home 


 If your child has a fever. 

 If your child has been vomiting, has nausea or diarrhea. 

 If your child has been sick and still does not act like himself. 

 If your child receives a fresh injury, such as an ankle sprain. 

  If your child has a really bad cold and is coughing a lot.

  If your child has a skin rash that might infect others.



Reasons Your Child Will Be Sent Home 


 If your child vomits at school.

 If your child has a fever over 100.0 degrees. 

 If your child has Head Lice. 

 If your child has a communicable disease or

is suspected of having a communicable disease,

such as chicken pox or pink eye.